Seminar “Humanitarian Crisis in Indian Occupied Kashmir & International Response”

On 27th October,2016, Kashmir Institute of International relations conducted a one-day seminar on “humanitarian crisis in the Indian occupied Kashmir and international response”. The chief guests of seminar was, Senator Sherry Rehman, Shah Ghulam Qadir, Speaker AJK assembly, Leader of the House in senate of Pakistan. Other Guests included Senator Shabli Faraz, Senator Rubina Khalid, Dr. Muhammad Khan, HOD IR NDU Executive Director KIIR Sardar Amjad Yousaf, Ambassador Ashraf Jhangir Qazi and lastly Ershad Mehmud Executive Director CPDR, Mr. Altaf Hussain Wani Director Programs KIIR.

The seminar was significant for Kashmir, it was held on the black day of Kashmir. The seminar was orientated towards the world’s biggest humanitarian lapse happening in the Kashmir conducted by the illegal occupation of Indian forces residing inside Kashmir.

Altaf Hussain Wani briefed participants about the topic and the history. He said that October 27, 1947 is remembered as the day when India forcibly took over the land of Kashmir. Kashmir is a long-standing dispute between Pakistan and India, which originated when the people of Jammu and Kashmir were denied the right of self-determination in 1947. When India and Pakistan became independent on August 1947, it was generally assumed that Kashmir, as an adjoining state with a predominantly Muslim population, would accede to Pakistan. However, on October 27, 1947, acceded to India through an improper and illegal instrument of accession and on the same day, India winched its forces to Srinagar and occupied the valley. It is for this reason that Kashmiris and supporters of Kashmir commemorate this day every year as a Black Day. It is the darkest day in the history of Kashmir as Kashmiris were sold to India regardless of the Indian Independence Act and the Partition Plan.

Senator Sherry Rehman told the audience that with current wave of violence in Kashmir in 2016, which have not only highlighted the Indian atrocities, but also showed world’s callous approach towards the plight of people of Kashmir. India has been the blue-eyed boy for the world. In-fact the treatment of India shows a specific interaction of India and international players as well as their special leniency to give space to India to act in its own way in the region.

Dr. Muhammad Khan briefed the learned audience that today the World is silently watching how Indian Army is killing innocent people of Kashmir. In 6 days more than 40 people killed 2000 wounded and due to pellet guns 51 civilians lost their eyesight. A 3 years old baby is also targeted. Indian Army is using, bullets, chemical Gas, pellet guns on civilians and there is no communication, food, medicine, news details and enquiry. Additionally, there is no response from Human rights organizations so far.

Shah Ghulam Qadir spoke to the audience and told them about the horrible atrocities happening in Kashmir. A major reason of uprisings in Kashmir is due to the youth who have come to an age under Indian security apparatus that acts civilians with impunity. Kashmir is subject to Indian. Armed forces or AFSPA which grants military wide power to arrest, shoot to kill, occupy or destroy property.

Ambassador Ashraf Jhangir also illustrated the audience how the people of Kashmir are living under inhumane conditions and total curfew. He also told that Pakistan is always standing with Kashmir and will never put kashmir issue on the sidelines.

Senator Rubina also explained Pakistani narrative as to how Pakistan will always stand united with Pakistani and will never leave Kashmir alone as it’s the jugular vein of Pakistan. Pakistan has and never can disown Kashmir as they are brothers by blood.

Ershad Mehmud criticized the silence of the world on Kashmir. He also mentioned as to how the world defends India and the brutalities happening in Kashmir. The world has its own interests and Kashmir do not lie in the line of their interests.

Sardar Amjad Yousaf Khan told that the issue of Kashmir should be solved by the wishes of Kashmir people. The UN has already crafted the way out for Kashmir which the Kashmiri people agree upon which is having a free and fair plebiscite. India on the other hand is too scared to conduct it as it knows that Kashmir will always vote in favor of Pakistan.

The seminar was attended by many renowned analyst, journalists and students. The seminar ended on a positive note giving recommendation for solving the issue of Kashmir once and for all.