Advocacy & Awareness about Human Rights & Peace Building

Advocacy & Awareness about Human Rights & Peace Building

Posted on 12/8/2017


On 8th of December 2017, Kashmir Institute of International Relations organized an interactive session with migrant youth in Muzaffarabad Azad Jammu and Kashmir. The main objective was to evaluate the understanding of migrant youth about the advocacy and awareness on Human rights and peace building, to analyse their capacity and capability, their knowledge on Kashmir conflict, how they feel they are affected by the conflict and what role they find themselves in its resolution. Male and female students of different migrant camps, who are studying in different colleges and Universities of Azad Kashmir at Bachelors, Masters and M.Phil. level participated in the session.


Altaf Hussain Wanidirector programs KIIR briefed young participants about the topic Human Rights, peace building and history of Kashmir conflict. The discussion was structured on the basis of some questions to test the knowledge of participants about Human Rights, Peace building and Kashmir Conflict, its historical background and the ongoing movement in Jammu & Kashmir.

Most of the students have no background knowledge of the Kashmir conflict majority are born in refugee camps and some have migrated in early age. The only thing they know is that they migrated from Indian Occupied Kashmir due to conflict that is why they are living in refugee camps. All of them acknowledged being from border areas and from marginalized groups they have got better educational facilities. Living in a capital city is its self an advantage. This provides us opportunity to reach to higher studies and to professional education. All of them had this fear and traumatized that they cannot meet their relatives on the other side of the line of control. These students do not find any role for themselves for the resolution of Kashmir dispute but are more worried about their future and job securities. There is a substantial increase in the core work of Refugees’ role in conflict transformation during this quarter. When compared to the output of Refugee’s interaction with last quarter the number of participants and their participation has been increased by 70%, and the level of understanding has also been increased by 90%. While concluding the discussion Mr Altaf Wani Director Programmes KIIR mentioned that we all should be looking forward towards a peaceful solution of the Kashmir dispute and we should get indulged in a peaceful movement to show solidarity with the brothers on the other side of Kashmir.

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