Journalism Ethics and Contemporary Needs Introduction

Journalism Ethics and Contemporary Needs Introduction

Posted on 6/15/2019


On 15 June, 2019, Kashmir Institute of International Relations in collaboration with Press Club BAGH, AJK organized training workshop for journalists in BAGH, Azad Jammu Kashmir. The topic was “Journalism Ethics & Contemporary Needs”. The main purpose of this training workshop is to educate the basic concept of Journalism Ethics and Contemporary needs in the field of Journalism. The KIIR forum has agreed upon the vision, which underlines the need to have exchange of information, news, views and tackling the issue of journalists' welfare


The main objective of this training workshop is to educate the basic concept of Ethical Journalism and to explore new tools; trends and directions in conflict based journalism while maintaining an emphasis on sourced, credible & verifiable News and also encourage young journalists of AJK to participate more and more in such trainings to get national & international exposure. Following are the main points of this workshop.

• To advance the education, skills and competence of people engaged in all forms of journalistic work at all levels of media and across all platforms of media.

• To raise awareness among journalists and media professionals through education of the importance of ethics, human rights and good governance in the exercise of journalism and the administration of news media.

• To encourage dialogue between journalists, media and others on the value of informed, ethical journalism in advancing human rights, conflict resolution and promotion of racial tolerance, equality and diversity.

• To strengthen through education the capacity of media professional groups in their promotion of ethical standards and good governance in the monitoring and supervision of journalism.

To promote and project Kashmiri freedom struggle in its right perspective.

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