Planning & Evaluation meeting with the Migrant Youth

Planning & Evaluation meeting with the Migrant Youth

Posted on 6/3/2018


Kashmir Institute of International Relations hosted Aftar dinner with the Migrant youth on the 3rd of June, 2018 at Muzaffarabad AJK. The main objective of the session was to evaluate the opinion of the Migrant youth on the current situation in Jammu and Kashmir and provide them with a platform where they can express their concerns on the current situation of Kashmir Conflict. Director Programs KIIR, Altaf Hussain welcomed all the participants and highlighted the main features of the session. Session was designed where UN mechanisms were discussed in detail with the migrant youth.


• To discover the opinion of the youth regarding the peaceful solution of the Kashmir dispute.

• To develop know how among the youth concerning the peaceful resolution of Kashmir dispute.

• To find out how the Kashmiri Migrant youth think about the current situation in Kashmir Conflict and how they can contribute in the current situation.

• Raise concerns of the Migrant youth to the world particularly to the UN for the development of Youth.



Discussion started with the issues faced by the Migrant youth should be raised at a greater platform like UN. Participants said that formulating committees would be great idea for creating awareness among the Migrant youth on various platforms including the social media. Such exercises lead to motivating Migrant youth towards a positive way of thinking about the conflict and overall improve their level of understanding.  While concluding the discussion Mr. Altaf Wani Director Programmes KIIR mentioned that we all should be looking forward towards a peaceful solution of the Kashmir Dispute and we should get indulged in a peaceful movement to show solidarity with the people on the other side of Kashmir. Mr. Wani mentioned that Human rights desk platform provided by the UN should be utilized in such a situation and it could contribute in coping up with the Kashmir Conflict. The discussion was concluded with a viewpoint that peace through dialogue would be in better interest of Kashmir.


KIIR believes to continue with its efforts towards engaging the Kashmiri Migrant youth towards opting peaceful means of demonstration against the Indian brutalities and Human Rights Violations. 

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