AJK Women Peace Circles – Story Writing Training Workshops

AJK Women Peace Circles – Story Writing Training Workshops

Posted on 12/1/2019

Kashmir Institute of International Relations organized training workshop with the title AJK Women Peace Circles – Story Writing Training Workshops, 2019 in Muzaffarabad AJK on 1st December, 2019. KIIR has started the process of storytelling training workshops for women peace leaders in AJK. Around 31 young women participated in training workshop at Muzaffarabad district. The participants learnt about various tools and techniques to document stories of women living in fragile or challenging environment, particularly affected by conflict and war-like situation in the region.
Keeping in view of the situation in Jammu & Kashmir region, KIIR has adopted a new approach by calling out local and global civil society, the decisions makers including media houses, about the sufferings of thousands of Kashmiris who are affected due to conflict situation in Jammu & Kashmir region.  In this phase of the programme, KIIR is developing ‘Women Peace Circles’ (WPCs) in all ten districts of Azad Jammu & Kashmir to focus more upon the lives of women living in and around conflict-areas and highlight their challenges to resolve them.
The overall purpose of these training workshops was to develop a critical mass of young women leaders in AJK that are capable of identifying and raising voice against socio-economic marginalization and gender-based violence against local women to create a peaceful society.
Participants of WPC training workshops were women, and youth (under 35 year age) that are mostly studying in various disciplines at educational institutions in AJK. KIIR mobilized and invited them to participate in training workshops through its local contacts. It was ensured that the participants at each training location belong to their respective district/city, in order to contribute objective situation analysis and solutions regarding women in the area.


• Identifying and connecting to women who had taken up initiatives for their communities at local level and who had the potential to be further trained and empowered as community leaders. 
• Identifying and raising voice against socio-economic marginalization and gender-based violence against local women.
• Establishing ‘Women Peace Circles’ in all districts of AJK.
• Identifying developing and grooming young women at the grassroots level.
• Develop a critical mass of young social development women leaders from all districts of AJK through training, networking and information sharing.
• Cultivating a mentor-mentee relationship between KIIR team of resource persons and the training participants who were taking initiatives at their community levels.  
• Highlight the need for peace by gathering stories of women affected by conflict.

KIIR developed context-specific training modules with varied focus on topics, ranging from concepts of peace building in a society, to understanding of the prevailing gender dynamics, and then making it context specific, and story writing and data collecting techniques

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