Two Days Training Workshop At Islamabad

Two Days Training Workshop At Islamabad

Posted on 8/19/2017

19 & 20 August 2017 (2 Days Training)

Two days master training workshop for young people from University of AJK, Muzaffarabad and University of Kotli, AJK was organized in Islamabad. This training workshop was organized to provide an opportunity to understand and respond the disaster, gender sensitized disaster management, peace building, and develop the concept notes through effective communication skills bringing the women altogether. Capacity development is an important aspect of ensuring successful implementation of the disaster management strategies. Strengthening networking especially in field activities will be realized through shared enhanced capacities, students and civil society activists, among development actors. This training was therefore an important step towards enhancing capacity of student. 

Purpose: The purpose of the training was intended to strengthen the capacities of students and to mainstream community managed disaster concepts, peace building principles and practices in the planning and implementation of community development efforts to reduce the risks at their own and cope with the disaster situation. They were also expected to share own experiences and appreciate limitations of their current approach and have clear ideas on how to improve on them. 

Methods: The following methodologies were used to aid effective learning; games buzz groups, simulation exercises, group assignments and interactive lectures. The facilitators used experiential learning approach, which starts with what participants already know together with time tested learning by doing, where concepts, principles and process were explained and assignments given. 

Conclusion: In this master training workshop 35 students were trained in two days. Foremost activities of the workshops were; building solidarity among the students, enhanced knowledge and skills of participants in facilitating disaster planning process and helping the participants and appreciate limitation of their current development approaches and planning concrete action plans to improve practices in their respective organizations. 

The project is aimed at building the capacities of the students in the public-sector universities of Azad Jammu and Kashmir. The focus of the project was the intention to educate the students regarding the disaster management because all the base line surveys and reports showed that students were found more vulnerable in earthquake 2005. Owing to this threat, students of higher education were focused to channelize their energies for the effectiveness of the program because the educated youth can be an agent of social change and hence the cultural change. Research has been found scarce in spite of great potential of multidimensional hazards of disasters in the area. Therefore, it was intended to raise the awareness level and build the capacities of the students insofar they become the part of this disaster management process and should contribute through effective practices in the institutions and in the community as well. 

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