Building & Promoting Narratives- Peace Building Advocacy (28 Dec)

Building & Promoting Narratives- Peace Building Advocacy (28 Dec)

Posted on 12/28/2019

Kashmir Institute of International Relations in collaboration with Banking & Finance Department University of Kotli, AJK organized training workshop titled “Building & Promoting Narratives- Peace Building Advocacy, 2019”  at Kotli, AJK on 28 December, 2019. Around 60 people from various backgrounds including students, social activists and young scholars participated in the workshop.  Workshop was aimed at providing career counselling, incoming challenges, management issues and present. For this year, (2019 – 2020) KIIR intends to build upon the solid foundation it has established since 2013 by grooming the next generation of leaders.  KIIR intends to develop the core capabilities of second tier leaders affiliated with political parties and build the capacity to develop policies that can change the landscape of Kashmir conflict.  These individuals are well placed in a variety of key government bodies, civil services and political parties allowing them to create change from within a relatively slow moving system.  The program will consist of two components: Leadership & Change Management.  
With leadership, we intend to focus on the following areas:
1. Fostering effective relationships 
2. Understanding others (empathy)
3. Effective communication
4. Breaking down silos

Under change management, we want participants to learn the following:

1. Creating urgency
2. Involving people
3. Asking the right questions
4. Managing resistance
5. Creating small wins
A combination of skills under both these areas will help our second-tier leaders achieve measurable change when it comes to peacebuilding for Kashmir.  These include:
• Guide them in developing new policies and frameworks that can ease tensions and work towards building lasting peace in Kashmir.  
Measure the number & results of new ideas, policies & frameworks being introduced now and after its implementation keeping in mind the inherent slowness of bureaucracy.  

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