Journalism- Utilizing Social Media (13 Dec)

Journalism- Utilizing Social Media (13 Dec)

Posted on 12/13/2019


Kashmir Institute of International Relations organised training workshop titled “Journalism- Utilizing Social Media” on 13 December, 2019 in BAGH, AJK. The topic was based on learning new techniques of news reporting with social sites such as Twitter, Facebook, Whatsapp, ReddiT, Tumblr, Instagram, YouTube & LinkedIn for journalists who are working with print and electronic media in AJK and to understand and report Kashmir issue more effectively and efficiently especially in current scenario when there is complete lockdown in Indian occupied Kashmir after revocation of article 370 & 35A. Around 29 journalists from BAGH and surrounding areas participated in this workshop. The KIIR forum has agreed upon the vision, which underlines the need to have exchange of information, news, views and tackling the issue of journalists' welfare. 


The main objective of this training workshop is to get familiar with social sites, learn new techniques & utilize social media for effective news reporting and to improve their work by highlighting Kashmir issue more effectively and efficiently. Another main objective of these trainings is to encourage young journalists to participate more and more in such trainings to get familiar with social media for exposure. Here are the main points of this training workshop. 
• Getting familiar with the new techniques by using social sites for effective reporting.
• Enhancement of journalistic skills by introducing new social sites and tools.
• Improve reporting in media organizations and improve quality of News Reporting.
• To improve standards of News reporting by monitoring audience interest.
• Interacting with social media users for improvement.
• Interacting with international social media activists apprise them about the ongoing situation of Indian Occupied Kashmir.

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