Gender Program

Gender Program

Posted on 3/23/2018

KIIR is committed to empower women in the AJK region. The gender component, which was considered as a crosscutting theme, has emerged as a direct focus area. It is now working as a full-fledged component having multiple prongs of grassroots interventions designed to enhance women’s social, economic and political participation in Kashmir. The organization had undertaken several activities over the years to create an enabling environment for women, particularly in the social, economic and political sectors. So far more than three hundred young women, social and political leaders, and academics have received training, advice and linkages development support from KIIR. These women are now coming up with new social campaigns, entrepreneurial initiatives and political actions to identify common challenges and develop shared solutions. Particularly in the past five years, KIIR has undertaken following activities for emerging women leaders in AJK to polish their leadership skills and enhance linkages.

2017: Four Leadership-Training Workshops (Rawlakot, Mirpur, Muzaffarabad) Islamabad

2017-18: 4 Leadership and conflict Resolution trainings, for young women (Islamabad, Rawlakot, Muzaffarabad, Mirpur)

Since 2013, KIIR has been engaging and bringing together women from across all divisions of AJK (Mirpur, Muzaffarabad, Rawlakot). Through various capacity building workshops, leadership and conflict resolution trainings, and policy dialogues, KIIR has supported a large constituency of AJK women in articulating their voices and claiming spaces for themselves in the existing civic platforms. Our gender program also focuses on identifying and building the capacities of women who are willing to contribute in the political processes over the Kashmir conflict, and see their leadership role in resolving this conflict. We work with a huge constituency of aware and motivated women who are seeking their spaces in political processes to make their voices heard and see their leadership role. With these and multitude of other interventions, KIIR has strengthened women’s voices, and provided a platform to harness enhanced recognition and receptivity for women’s participation in social, economic and political affairs, equally, freely and meaningfully.

The main thrust areas of these trainings agenda are as follows:

• Gender dynamics operating in society

• Social, Economic and ,Political Issues and challenges arising out of  gender dynamics

• Provide opportunity and linkages for dialogue to women leaders

• Share research-based analysis about situation of conflict on borders

• Increased awareness of Women Empowerment Program’s impact on the lives of women in AJK & Pakistan

• Greater media visibility of KIIR and Women Wing’s activities

• Leadership, Advocacy, and Communication

• Networking and Mentoring

• Governance structure in AJK and GB

• Governance Issues and Challenges in AJK


Three days leadership training for women 24 March to 26 March 2017, Islamabad


3-day leadership training for women Mirpur-AJK, May, 2017, Mirpur, AJK


Report Launch “Voices Unheard, Stories Untold: The Plight of Women in Nelam Valley-AJK, May, 2017, Mirpur, AJK


Leadership Training for Women 10-12 November, 2017, Rawlakot Azad Kashmir, AJK


Celebrating 5-Years of Women Empowerment Initiatives by KIIR”, 22 December, 2017 at Islamabad Club


’’Leadership for Conflict Resolution’’, 17 March, 2018-Kotli, AJK


“Leadership for Conflict Resolution’’, 23 March, 2018-Mirpur, AJK


“Leadership for Conflict Resolution’’, 23 March, 2018-Mirpur, AJK

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