Freedom Struggle VS Terrorism

Freedom Struggle VS Terrorism

Posted on 7/11/2017


Terming Kashmiris’ decades’ long struggle as a legitimate and indigenous freedom movement it is incumbent upon the world community to differentiate between legitimate freedom struggle and terrorist movements. Linking Kashmiris’ freedom struggle to terrorism would be a travesty of justice.


On 11th of July 2017 the seminar titled “Freedom Struggle VS Terrorism” was organized by Kashmir Institute of International Relations (KIIR) at Regency hotel Islamabad and attended among others by Kashmiri leaders hailing from both sides of the Line of Control including, human rights activists, academicians, students, civil society, lawyers and political activists.

During interactive session, the panellists discussed in detail the prevailing political and human rights situation in Kashmir with special reference to the changes sweeping across the region.  Urging the international community to discharge its legal and moral obligations vis-à-vis the peaceful settlement of Kashmir dispute, the panellists on the occasion said that world community must shun its policy of indifference and play an active role to settle the long-pending dispute that happens to be the bone of contention between the two nuclear neighbours India and Pakistan. They said that Kashmiris have been fighting for their legitimate right, which was guaranteed to them by no less an authority than the United Nations.


The objective of the seminar was to explore the relationship between terrorism and freedom struggle regarding Kashmir issue. It analysed the relationship between terrorism and freedom Struggle from three competing perspectives emanating from Islamabad, New

Delhi and UN. The Kashmiri perspective on Terrorism is also integrated in the analysis. The main argument is that although Kashmiris have put pressure on UN regarding Kashmir but it has pushed political struggle to the forefront which provides an opportunity for serious negotiations on the Kashmir issue. Five main questions which were raised during the seminar are as follow:

1- Main streaming of migrant’s youth, academia journalists and other civil society actors, local youth, lawyers and civil society actors to seek the know how about the ongoing freedom struggle on Kashmir conflict and the view point about terrorism and freedom struggle.

2- Discussion about terrorism and freedom struggle. 

3- How Pakistan, India and UN define terrorism in the context of Kashmir?

4- How the three actors approach War on Terrorism and in what manner does It affects the Kashmir issue?

5- How war on terror has affected the composite dialogue on issues concerning terrorism and Kashmir?


During the interactive dialogue participants raised different issues about ongoing situation and conflict, general perception of participants was that peaceful political struggle is acceptable in interactive world but it was also realized that due to continued repression and absence of any dialogue has pushed the Kashmiri youth to take arms, which is legitimate but India dubs it as terrorism. Youth denounced any violence but questioned the credibility of such activities as there is no international intervention no room for peaceful mean to boost the morale of such actions. Participants stressed the need for peaceful resolution in order to avoid more collective damage of life of people.

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