Speak for Kashmir "All AJK Declamation Contest"

Speak for Kashmir "All AJK Declamation Contest"

Posted on 12/14/2019

14 December, 2019, “Speak for Kashmir “All AJK Declamation Contest’’” was organised by Kashmir Institute of International Relations in collaboration with Jammu & Kashmir Literary & Debating Society for the Kashmiri youth in BAGH, AJK. On 14 December, 2019, “Speak for Kashmir “All AJK Declamation Contest’’” was organized by Kashmir Institute of International Relations in collaboration with Jammu & Kashmir Literary & Debating Society for the Kashmiri youth in BAGH, AJK. Around 500 people attended the program and 40 young participants from different universities & colleges of AJK participated in this Declamation contest. Mr. Sardar Waleed Khan, Director Finance Kashmir Institute of International Relations, in his welcome address highlighted the objectives of the program. The main objective of this program was to understand the importance of Kashmir issue especially in current scenario when there is complete lockdown in Indian Occupied Kashmir and attack on Kashmiris identity & culture in the Kashmir valley after the revocation of article 370 & 35A.
A wide range of topics and issues discussed related to Kashmir issue, Participants also discussed several issues including LOC situation, abolishment of Articles 35A & 370 in the context of Kashmir conflict and the various issues & challenges faced by youth in their respective fields.  the role of young leaders in community development, awareness programs and women empowerment came under discussion wherein a detailed discussion on the strengths and limitations of 2nd tier leadership was carried out. Besides, the participants also pondered over different opportunities to improve cross communication. One of the key themes of the program was to empower young leaders to play a more responsible role in Kashmir conflict and help youth leaders to build more informed policy on Kashmir. There is a strong feeling in the youth that nature of democracy in Azad Jammu Kashmir does not provide sufficient spaces for new leadership to emerge. It is pertinent that dominant trends of casteism, nepotism and dynastic politics in the parties should be discouraged. Right to union and association is one of the basic human rights. Likewise Student unions in AJK must be restored in colleges and universities. A large number of AJK youth lives abroad and there is greater need to connect these people back home. In order to realize their potential, youth leaders of AJK, need to be more active to involve them in Kashmir conflict. Empower role of women in cause; promote them in current uprising situation of Jammu and Kashmir especially after revocation of Article 35A and 370 by Indian Government. They need to have their social media group for better communication. Develop emotional attachment among Youth and leaders for better policy making. Youth is the key driver of progress in political parties. All political parties should impart structured trainings on advocacy, dialogue and policy making to build and empower young people as effective leaders for better understanding about Kashmir conflict. 

With ruling party politicians in Indian administered Kashmir making such detrimental statements against Kashmiri women following the annexation, the already perilous situation for women becomes even more dangerous. 
Participants call upon UN to persuade India:
• To resolve the long standing Kashmir dispute according to United Nations resolutions as being the bone of contention between two nuclear states.
• To end the communication blockade which has deprived divided families across the LOC to communicate with their dear ones.
• Exercise all means to resolve the long standing dispute according to the wishes and aspirations of the people of Jammu & Kashmir.

• To stop firing on LOC this has caused great Human Loss and properties.

• End the siege of Kashmiris who have been caged since 4th of August, 2019 and are deprived of essential commodities of life and life saving drugs.
Sardar Waleed Khan Director Finance KIIR thanked all the participants and said that such activities would help guide and groom youth leaders to improve their knowledge on Kashmir Conflict. Certificates and shields were presented to contestants and coordinators at the end of program.

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