Executive Director

Executive Director

EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR - Sardar Amjad Yousaf Khan

The principles and purposes of KIIR attracted me to join the organization as Executive Director in 1996. 

It was first civil society group consisting of political activists from various political parties and ideologies but our shared goal was to create a space where political activists could share their concerns and contribute in highlighting Kashmir Cause at international level and create greater awareness and understanding at home.

KIIR agreed on the need for building negotiation skills of Kashmiri leaders and creating linkages with international organisations and think tanks that affect decision-making in the international arena.

KIIR became the torchbearer of a new approach in Azad Kashmiri politics in which political party loyalties became secondary to working towards the resolution of the Kashmir issue. Thus, KIIR activities changed the dynamics of local politics in Azad Kashmir and introduced ideas of peace amongst local political activists.

This is an approach that makes KIIR’s work extremely challenging since we believe in involving civil society members in every part of the peace process. We believe sustainable peace must be generated from the people and, only then, can it be sustained. 

While I have learnt a lot during my tenure as Executive Director of KIIR, the experience has been most fulfilling because it allowed me to promote the Kashmiri voice on international forums. There is a saying “There is no shortcut for experience”.

KIIR has helped the Kashmiri people to gain experience in the direction of attaining a peaceful and prosperous future. We believe that this is the destination of the Kashmiri people.