Struggle for right to self-determination

Our Objectives

Honourable President Islamic Republic of Pakistan, Federal Ministers, Members of Parliament, Excellencies , ladies and Gentlemen

Assalam-u-alikum and Good evening  
At the outset, on behalf of the besieged and subjugated but determined people of Indian occupied Jammu and Kashmir, I wish to express my sincere gratitude to the government and particularly the people of Pakistan for their wholehearted support to our legitimate struggle for right to self-determination.
The observance of the day amply demonstrates the Pakistan’s consistent policy, its unwavering commitment and allegiance towards the cause of Kashmir. I deeply appreciate this enduring support on the part of Pakistan that despite facing many daunting challenges never hesitated to go the extra mile in advocating Kashmir cause at important world forums. I believe that Pakistan will continue to extend its moral, political and diplomatic support till the Kashmiris achieve their cherished goal of freedom from India’s unlawful and forcible occupation.
It is imperative to mention here that since 1947 our struggle went through different phases. But the history stands witness to the fact that Kashmiris didn’t lose their faith in their struggle despite witnessing death and destruction at the hands of occupation forces. However, 2019 has been the year of watershed in which the struggling people of Jammu and Kashmir witnessed frequent spells of unrest especially after India stripped the region of its special status there by resorting to constitutional aggression. Not taking into account the constitutional, legal and above all the international aspects of Kashmir dispute, the imperialistic agenda fraught with serious consequences was carried out and implemented by India at a time when the entire state of Jammu and Kashmir was placed under severe military lockdown and communication blockade in a medieval fashion.
Millions of people were caged in their homes, political leadership of all sorts was either arrested or put under house detention, whereas means of communication were cut and a complete media shut-down was enforced in the region. The situation in Kashmir still continues to be serious as there is no respite for the people of Kashmir as life continues to remain crippled despite the passage of now almost 6months months. The communication black out is still in place but the Indian government heavily influenced by Hindutva ideology is remorselessly engaged in  peddling half-truths and deliberate lies to mislead the international community on Kashmir.
As far as the abrogation of Article 370 of the Indian constitution is concerned let it be clear that seeking any sort of constitutional guarantees or concessions from India is not the ultimate goal of Kashmiris but to get rid of the forcible occupation of their motherland by India, which does not feel any shame about committing the most painful and humiliating atrocities to maintain its illegal hold on the territory.
Since the valley has been turned into an information black-hole , it is impossible for the outside world to know the extent of economic losses and the massive human rights violations being committed by the Indian occupation forces during the past several months. As I mentioned, Kashmiris have no access to internet, print and electronic media has been banned, severe restrictions were imposed on media, social network sites and even journalists/reporters associated with different media outlets are unable to file their stories. While on the entire Hurriyat leadership, rights activists, lawyers, academicians and even the leaders of pro-India political parties have been arrested under the Public Safety Act and thrown behind the bars to ensure graveyard silence in Kashmir.
At a time when the people of the besieged valley of Kashmir are suffering under unrelenting military crackdown and communication blockade, it is the sole responsibility of we people sitting here to use our freedom to fill this political void caused by the prolonged detention of Hurriyat leaders, civil society activists and make every effort to expose Indian brutalities at international level so that Kashmiris could be pulled out of the morass of despondency and state repression.
In the midst of this chaos let me tell you that there is also a hope that the winds of change have begun to blow in the region and beyond as civilized world is now gradually recognizing the importance of peaceful solution of Kashmir dispute that has been the major cause and consequence of unrest in the region.
It was for the first time that after a gap of 50 years the United Nations Security Council met twice and held threadbare discussions on the situation in the Indian held territory of Jammu and Kashmir. The European Union Parliament recently condemned the India’s unlawful and unconstitutional move of changing the special status of occupied Jammu and Kashmir and called for a peaceful settlement of Kashmir dispute. The UK, French Parliaments and US foreign relations committee discussed the situation. OIC Issues statements in favor of Kashmiris right to self-determination .While on the other, we saw that the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, came up with an eye-opening reports on Kashmir, calling for establishing a commission of inquiry to conduct a comprehensive independent international investigation into allegations of human rights violations committed by Indian troops in Kashmir.
However the international government have largely remained merely mute spectators and have failed to condemn the government of Indian, for what International human rights watch dogs have termed as slow motion genocide.
I wonder what would move the big powers and western governments to save people in IOK. I wonder if they are waiting for the time, when the deafening silence of eight million people in occupied Kashmir would turn into wails and then permanent silence. Or when the innocence of caged infants will be found Dumbfounded in graveyards, or when the fields of Kashmir would burnt into ashes. Perhaps that would be too late!
But ladies and gentlemen let me assure the people of Kashmir will resist to exist and defeat all the nefarious designs of Indian fascist regime.
As an optimist political worker I believe that amidst fast changing political scenario India will have no option but to get down to the normal business of diplomacy to resolve the long-pending dispute of Kashmir peacefully in accordance with the UN resolutions.
In the end I thank you all for your patient hearing. Before leaving let me reiterate that use your freedom to promote ours.